CLANSMEN by Ethel Boileau
Kirkus Star


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Fits more into Mrs. Boileau's Map of Days bracket than her A Gay Family -- and again a book in which the male characters predominate and the romance is subordinated to the friendship between ""clansmen"". A long prologue postpones the actual story, but gives broad sweeps of the background, building the family up to the present, and laying the groundwork for the story of Alan Stewart, last of the House of Ardreck, and of Hector his loyal kinsman, closer kin than he ever knew, whose unswerving loyalty and adoration put every other consideration aside, even the mere matter of man's life. Scotland is the chief background, with brief flashes of India and Front. A good meaty yarn, skilfully spun, and, in the opinion of this reader, the best book she has given us since A Gay Family.

Pub Date: June 2nd, 1936
Publisher: Dutton