HER SOUL TO KEEP by Ethel Cook Eliot


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Very Catholic in appeal, though a good story at the same time for the general public, with a preference for a somewhat conservative audience, to whom the spiritual aspect of the story will be an added attraction...Previous adult book, Green Doors, published by Little, Brown. This is a better story. One juvenile on Stoke's list. This her first book under the Macmillan imprint, we think....The story of a widow, supporting her small family by running a bookshop, and carrying the burden of the problem her ""adopted"" daughter, Jane, is facing, when she finds that she is pregnant, and that she loves another man than the father of the unborn child. The relation of Lucia to Jane is beautifully handled; the book has real spiritual power; there is a double romance interwoven with the social and religious problems. Pick your customers -- there are many will like it.

Pub Date: Jan. 22nd, 1934
Publisher: Macmillan