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PREACHER'S WIFE by Ethel Hueston Kirkus Star



Pub Date: June 9th, 1941
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill

Here's a book for those who liked One Foot in Heaven. In fact there is more drama, more incident, more story in Preacher's Wife -- though it lacks, to a large extent, the humor that characterized the other book. But it supplies yet another segment of the American rural scene, in the story of a hall-fellow-well-met circuit rider, of the Methodist persuasion, his over-serious and capable wife, and his eleven obstreperous and very individual children. It is Ethel Hueston's own childhood and early youth, for she was about the middle of the family, and, from childhood, had a keen sense of people, a gift with her pen, and an objective viewpoint even towards those nearest to her. A unique family story, reflecting American life in rural districts, small towns and villages in and about Iowa.