NO SHORTAGE OF MEN by Ethel Hueston


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In and out of wedlock for a three generation story of doubt and disaffection as Gram, after forty years, gives her husband a divorce without questioning his motives; as her daughter, Ellean, pleasantly bored with her marriage to Dave, now a Colonel, turns elsewhere when Dave goes overseas; and as both generations worry over Ellena, eighteen, who insists on carrying Cliff on his last leave. Letters Ellena and Cliff on other and when Cliff returns wounded, and despondent, Ellena gives him no lift, it is Gram who insists that both and Ellena give their marriages another two years before putting through their divorces -- and she is quite right, while Gram's husband returns for good. Romantic unreason and upset dressed up with light pleasantries for rental readers.

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill