GO FIGHT CITY HALL by Ethel Rosenberg
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Meet the Pasternaks, the Rivkins, the Weissmans -- of Brooklyn and you should live so long to enjoy their family, romantic, apartment life. For 80 year old Jules Pasternak is a wise cupid for his niece, Hannah, he is an able mentor for his friend, Morris, he is a worthy opponent for Kugel, their apartment superintendent, he is a remarkable correspondent for scientist Einstein, -- he is, in fact a connoisseur of human relations. Watch Mrs. Rivkin -- shopping, at the theater, trying to get Hannah and Howie married; be in on the creation of a superlative cheese cake; follow Mr. Pasternak along the BMT to the lost and found offices; struggle with Aunt Esther's galoshes -- and have yourself a wonderful time. This -- in contrast to Hyman Kaplan, the Milt Gross-Kober series -- follows the speech patterns rather than a reproduction of the dialect, and offers gentle, mild humor of unimpeachable authenticity.

Pub Date: May 27th, 1949
Publisher: Simon & Schuster