SUMMER IN THEIR EYES by Ethel Todd Anderson
Kirkus Star


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A story, clear and bright as a new whistle, about pre-summer months in a Pennsylvania family whose son and daughter must earn enough money for a trip to Colorado. With the Dufraynes as resourceful and sensible as they are (Mr. Dufrayne is a university professor) sixteen-year old Barbara and nineteen-year old Scott tackle the job of finding jobs vigorously and successfully, making plans together, overcoming such obstacles as the lack of positions in their town by looking to their own talents and refusing to impose on others. Barbara, blocked in her artistic efforts by a printers' strike, gets an offer to illustrate a manuscript. Scott becomes an assistant in his college's chemistry lab. Pennsylvania Dutch background comes in importantly too in Mary, an Amish girl who is the inspiration for Barbara's drawing. The summer is won. But important also is the author's skill it conveying the humor of actual happenings, normal family life, the bad moods as well as the good ones, the contrasts between prestige values and real values in highschool -- that makes the characters true and believable and not idols of good or evil. An exciting and happiness engendering book.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1952
Publisher: Winston