LILLY'S STORY by Ethel Wilson


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There's an artful simplicity to the telling of ""Lilly's story"" which almost- but not quite- conceals the subtlety of the characterization and the plot. Lilly lived by her wits- and perfected her own version of the ""big lie""- for ""a girl has to live"". A drifter, with a bad inheritance and an uncanny sense of self preservation, Lilly goes from job to job in Vancouver and the Canadian southwest. Then, with the birth of her illegitimate child, she has a new goal,- to give little Eleanor a chance at gentility and security. But again Lilly has no scruples about using people who come her way. It isn't a story with tremendous impact, but there's artistry, humor, a measure of pathos implicit in the situations, and originality. This new Canadian writer deserves watching.

Pub Date: April 29th, 1953
Publisher: Harper