OLD FARM by Ettie Stephens Prichard


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An Illinois farm at the period when it was a milestone on the westward trek of the covered wagons, cowboys with a dubious past, the pioneers striking out for new frontiers to conquer. A book for the market of Bromfield's The Farm -- of Rose Wilder Lane's Let The Hurricane Roar -- of Gladys Hasty Carroll's As the Earth Turns. There is drama in the daily round, in the strangers at the gate, in the arrival of the traveling threshing machine, in the overhanging peril of hog cholera, if the new terror of kidnapping. And it is in this picture of the life -- in the sense of oneness with the soil -- in the characterization, particularly that of a twelve year old girl, her family and the ""help"" -- it is in this that the interest lies. An ideal ""family reading"" book.

Pub Date: Aug. 3rd, 1934
Publisher: Appleton-Century