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by Eudene Harry

Pub Date: July 23rd, 2012
ISBN: 978-0615660981
Publisher: Eudene Harry

A doctor outlines best practices for healthier living.

Harry takes a holistic approach to healthier living. With accessible language, the author and physician provides a basic approach for achieving well-being. Harry outlines the basic functions of the body, the facts and triggers that affect its well-being, and the nourishment and activities that complement healthier living in a comprehensive and comprehensible way. Patient anecdotes are woven throughout each chapter to further illustrate points about health and medicine. The author advocates an overall balance of both nutritional and mental health, which “allows the restorative powers of the body to function, while imbalance promotes the disease process.” Harry gives advice that most would consider common knowledge: Exercise, reduce trans fats and other harmful foods, and eat more vegetables. She also, however, provides lesser-known information about stress, its affect on health and how to properly manage it. Readers can find guidance on which foods translate to which physiological functions and what portions should be consumed, as well as factors to consider when buying supplements and vitamins. The book even contains a suggested shopping list: Salmon, mackerel, and anchovies make more than one appearance, as do flax seed, olives, purple grapes and blueberries. Perhaps most importantly, Harry takes a very individualistic approach, acknowledging that every person has a unique set of traits, habits and needs; valid approaches to healthier living can vary. In addition to sound medical education and advice, the book touches on healthier living from an emotional and spiritual sense, an area that many Western doctors don’t emphasize. Harry believes that finding one’s center is key to healthier living, and she repeatedly underscores the importance of a balanced emotional state to one’s physical well-being.

An accessible guide for creating a healthier lifestyle from the inside out.