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A ROLE IN MANILA by Eugene Burdick



Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1966
Publisher: New American Library

This is a miscellany of the late Eugene Burdick's short stories, most of them less likely to attract attention than his name. The title story (part of the first section War) is in the first person in which Burdick, then a gunnery officer, plays an inappropriate part to handle an ugly incident with success. A Rest Camp on Maui, a hill in Okinawa, a camp in Leyte pick up the detritus of war experiences-- fear, hunger, cold, courage. Postwar tales (of which a Happy Man In Berlin is the best) deal with the occupation and after and with a few small, liberating insights; Peace finds him in a nursery school with some atavistic mothers in play clothes, and on a California campus with a math whiz; and Adventure takes him back to sea again. Unexceptional, but the Burdick name will recruit a certain readership in boards, and paper certainly.