THEN THERE WAS ONE by Eugene Burne


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Is there reading room for another biography of a flat-top? If so, this is good, a straight ction account of the Enterprise, who has been in and through the biggest and hottest engagements of the Pacific war. Burns is an A.P. reporter, and has drawn his material from the men of the ship, and told the story of the ""Big E"" -- the only first line carrier consistently in action. As a buffer for the Jap fleet after Pearl Harbor, the attacks on the Marshalls, Wake, Marcus; her part in the Doolittle raid; combined operations at Midway; the assaults on Guadalcanal, the Solomons; her eleven dive bombers who held Henderson Field at its most critical period; the battle of Santa Cruz in which she received three direct hits. He cross sections her personnel from Admiral Halsey to Commander John, the Navy's No. 1 flier, to Lt. Strong who got his carrier, to the colored mess attendant Pinckney Tribute implicit in the material -- and the men. A heroic record.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace