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This is an absorbing book in a specialized field, and should prove an invaluable aid to all those who work with (or live with) children of nursery through elementary age. Designed for a text book primarily, this will introduce fresh, provocative less to teachers, students, play directors, camp personnel. But its value should extend also to intelligent parents. In a wholesome, competent, not overly technical way, the authors have reported their findings on an extensive exploration into the function of play in a child's development. The potentialities of play materials and expressive activities for the enrichment, normal development and therapeutic adjustment of all children's environment is presented and interpreted by a group of writers who bring a direct, wholesome interest and a wide background of experience into what might too readily have become a technical specialized study. It holds its practical, sensible tone throughout. The work brings to the reader fascinating insight into normal growth processes. Dramatic play, block play, water play, clay activity, use of graphic materials, finger paint experiences, music and movement are among the areas explored. An excellent appendix gives detailed suggestions for observation and other procedures of special interest to teachers in training. An extensive bibliography, well organized, makes possible follow through of any special interest stimulated by the book.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1952
Publisher: Columbia Univ. Press