COMFORT MY PEOPLE by Eugene C. Kennedy


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Father Kennedy is concerned here with ""the pastoral presence of the Church"" in the world -- that is, with the care of souls. The day is gone, he recognizes, when an ancient clerical framework translated into black-and-white terms, first for the clergy and then for the laity, just what had to be done, how it had to be done, and when to do it. What now is to replace those guidelines? The only possible replacement, the author says; is a ""basic Christian attitude of defenseless service to others,"" a replacement based essentially on human relationships. The entire book is a plea, and an argument, to the effect that pastors, priests, nuns -- anyone who is in any way involved in work that has religious values -- become human; that is, that they be compassionate, loving, merciful, kind. In other words, that they be, in practice, other Christs. That is a let to ask, but Kennedy asks it with such persuasiveness and with that it is hard to believe that Comfort Mr People will not find an immediate response at least among the clergy and religious.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1968
Publisher: Sheed & Ward