SLIPSTREAM by Eugene E. Wilson


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A survey of the technical, financial and military problems of the creation of the modern airplane, from naval aviation to commercial, this results in an expert recapitulation of recent aeronautical history experienced by the author. An Annapolis graduate, with a background of engineering, and under Admiral Moffet in BURAERO, he early ran into the question of airplanes obsoleting the Navy and the dog fight with the Army for acquiring the new machines. There followed the complications of purpose, design, power and engine, the consultations and work with private industry, the failures and successes, the bugs in production that attended the race from world War I to World War II to build the type of craft necessary, efficient and trustworthy. From ground officer (Kiwi) to pilot, to war time president of United Aircraft and chairman of the Board of Governors of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce, he reviews the story of progress in construction and the aeronautical background involved. A fairly technical knowledge is needed properly to appreciate the whole of this book.

Publisher: Whittlesey House