ST. PATRICK'S DAY WITH MAYOR DALEY and Other Things Too Good to Miss by Eugene Kennedy

ST. PATRICK'S DAY WITH MAYOR DALEY and Other Things Too Good to Miss

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Fr. Kennedy, prolific author of spiritual self-help and popular theology books, has lately indulged a long-checked passion for journalism. Thus this collection of Frae magazine pieces, published mostly in the liberal Catholic Critic but also in the Atlantic, the New York Times Magazine, etc. and offering a priest's-eye-view of the contemporary world. Participant-observer style, he lets us wear the green with Mayor Daley; make the local rounds with Jimmy Breslin; attend meetings of psychologists, sex experts, and ecclesiastical right-wingers; sit in on the Harrisburg, Watergate, and Episcopal trials; hitch a ride with Cesar Chavez; and meet the Pope. A talent for similes complements his sharp eye: he communicates the feel of a situation or a person with humor, authenticity, and a relish for life's variety. This is the sort of reporting that's a delight to read when the event is fresh; herd-bound years later, the articles lose some of their zest and point. Still it's easy to agree with Norman Mailer's generous Foreword, declaring Kennedy ""a good writer"" with a refreshing perspective and a credit to the New Journalism.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1976
Publisher: Seabury