AMERICAN SPORTING DOGS by Eugene V.- Ed. Connett


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If you are profoundly interested in sporting dogs, you'll be interested in this. For they are all here, with their lineages traced (yes, a cooker came over in the Mayflower:), their breeding and points discussed, their training for their particular job analyzed. American sporting dogs are bred for speed, stamina, nose, style. Pros and cons of theories of heredity are discussed. Bird dogs, retrievers, pointers, setters, Brittany spaniels, spaniels, hounds -- and their variants- are given full scope. The illustrations- paintings by Edwin Megargee and photographs and engravings- 105 in all -- will add eye appeal for anyone who likes dogs. But the text is only for the special fanciers.

Pub Date: Nov. 12th, 1948
Publisher: Van Nostrand