JUST AS I AM by Eugenia Price


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This is Miss Price's fifteenth book. The only difference between this one and its fourteen predecessors is that the title has been changed. The contents, in spirit if not always in form, remain the same: a series of pious essays, intended to inspire the hearts of those readers who like their spirituality tempered by a strong dose of saccharine. Miss Price's only concession to the passage of years and the sophistication of man's spiritual needs has been to shorten her sentences in such a way that her style has progressed from the merely prolix to the barely literate. None of the foregoing, however, is meant to infer that Just As I Am will not sell. The book attains approximately the same level of quality as its ancestors, and its sales will verisimilarly be equal to theirs, thereby disproving the author's assertion that, in matters spiritual, ""there must be no settling for the glib answer.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1968
Publisher: Lippincott