DIARY OF A NOVEL by Eugenia Price


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To be simultaneously published with Price's third novel in her historical Florida trilogy, Margaret's Story (p. 1183), this is a writer's diary touching on her research and the writing of the novel, with some personal notes and some general commentary on writing, its strains and joys, Like May Sarton, whose diary (Recovering, p. 1068) chatted about random preoccupations, Price also opens the front door to admirers who'd like to know what a writer's day is like. Unlike Sarton, however, Price is not plagued by strenuous doubts about life and love and Existence. A born-again Christian, she has a secure and generally self-comforting outlook; and as far as writing is concerned, she has the admirable aim of ""trying to tell a good story."" She is also a firm believer in accurate research--""since the average person won't read history books."" She wishes to show ""divine intervention"" in human life, and hopes to affirm beauty and hope. For readers of Margaret's Story, Price offers particulars on her data-gathering methods: interviews with descendants of the persons on which the novel was based; perusal of letters, diaries, and official documents; and visits to sites. There's a report on day-to-day progress in the writing--and, at The End, word of ""nervewracking excitement."" A certain pleasure for Price's fans and readers of Margaret's Story, but not enough pith for those not already attuned.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1980
Publisher: Lippincott & Crowell