ST. SIMONS MEMOIR by Eugenia Price


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In November 1961 Eugenia Price and her friend Joyce Blackburn found themselves with a few days to spare in Charleston, South Carolina, in the middle of a book promotion tour. They looked at their map, decided that Georgia's Sea Islands sounded attractive, and settled on St. Simons when Joyce read aloud from the guide book a sentence or two that sent Eugenia's mind spinning on the track that was to lead to her writing three historical novels about the island's early history. Their first brief visit led to a long love affair that ended with their moving from Chicago to build a house that faced the sea on one side, the woods on the other. The book is entirely personal: ""How I Learned to Love Southerners and Write Novels"" should be its subtitle. Fans of the Price trilogy will find lots of background material. But the question Genie asks herself on page 13, ""Why this particular place?"" is not very accurately answered.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1978
Publisher: Lippincott