SECRET OF THE BOG by Eugenia Stone
Kirkus Star


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The village of Killieslaw in Ireland had one able bodied man left to do all its heavy work, until on a day in 1812, the English press gangs took Tim and left his wife and baby and mother and the rest of the manless village to manage as it might. Micky felt himself almost a man, and stepped right into the empty shoes. The village shared its poor resources, and the people managed to live and enjoy life and laugh and fiddle and tell tales of the bog and the vanished village. But when the redcoats came back again, the bog gave up its secret and the residents started out, all together, on new and happy adventure. The characters are as colorful and exciting as any old Irish tales:- Sheila, Micky's sturdy companion, Clon full grown but a bit simple, Terry the wise old hunter who knew spells, Dennis who always had something to share, a strange Gosling. The author conveys the whimsical spirit of Irish story telling and its fun and sensitivity.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1948
Publisher: Holiday House