FAR ENOUGH by Eugenie de Kalb


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A new theme -- a little touched background -- and a story based on the facts and main characters of a dramatic incident in South African history. This is the fictionized story of the great trek -- the heart-breaking march of the Dutch colonists from point to point to escape the hated sovereignty of the encroaching British rule. Torn by inner dissensions -- attacked by the British, the natives, seemingly friendly tribes -- by famine and plague and fire and ravages of nature -- there were still enough indomitable spirits to carry on. The author spent two years in the regions covered by the trek; she sifted fact from legend and hearsay in her intimate talks with descendants of the heroic men and women of those bitter days. And she has told their story. There is something of the stature and spirit of Pageant, by G. B. Lancaster (a story of Tasmania, published three years ago) -- and the market is much the same. Historical fiction -- remote in setting -- with the saga quality. As a story, it lacks the focus of a molded plot. Don't sell to customers wanting light reading -- but to those who like digging into new backgrounds and unfamiliar facts.

Pub Date: Jan. 2nd, 1935
Publisher: Stokes