OF HOUSES AND CATS by Eunice de Chazeau


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Fortunately for the tried patience of the cat lover who also happens to be a discerning reader, this book is far above the usual kittenish sentimentality and kitty-litter prose usually given the public by the ""My Cat"" immortalizers. The ""House"" was a difficult one to adjust to: ""the dogged consistency of the house sneered at the miscellaneousness of our possessions which sat in the rooms uncomfortably trying to attach the walls to the floors and mitigate the hauteur of the ceilings."" But no one could sneer at the antics of the two newly acquired kittens. Saki and Tiny, who managed to lick the rough edges off with their pink tongues and turn rambling corridors into rumpus rooms. And although most cat biographers try to persuade the reader of their cats' unique personalities, Mrs. de Chazeau manages to project them. This covers a year's time in which the two grew into different types indeed. The grins and grievances are all here and it's very likable... and readable.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1965
Publisher: Random House