THE KNOWING ONE by Eunice Young Smith


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Her first taste of life was terror"" when a ""two-legs"" thundered her den with dynamite, leaving her orphaned and alone. ""Death of the kind that fed her was a part of the daily scheme. But vengeful death, fired by hatred and slaked by wanton mutilation, baffled her."" A rather crafty fox, Songkeena woos a watchdog to assure easy access to his hen house: she has him ""straining in excitement at the end of his leash. She never Came close enough for them to more than lick noses, but she spent much time lying on the ground nearby sweet-talking him."" This vixen treats him like a dog, but she finds true love with the male fox she rescues from a trap: ""Swelling glands and surging blood created desires that overshadowed her disapproval and were stronger than her feelings of superiority."" They mate and settle down with the kits until a ""two-legs"" strikes again, killing her loved ones. This foxy femme fatale may be too knowing for some youngsters and the vocabulary may leave them in the woods.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Meredith