UNMARRIED LOVE by Eustace Chesser


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Dr. Chesser, a British consultant, has written a number of books about Sex Without Fear, Love Without Fear (which incurred the charge of ""obscene libel"") etc., some of which appeared here on the Roy list. He is liberal and while not overtly permissive, recommends that we adapt our attitudes to the new moral climate which prevails. Youth should not be blamed for indulging in sex before marriage particularly since society has created conditions making marriage impossible. He also states that premarital intercourse is only immoral in certain circumstances, and unforgivable if no contraceptive precautions are taken. Most of this book which deals with tutelary information on the sexual act, on parental relationships and stances, on birth control, venereal disease, etc. is, in its content, aimed at the young adult audience even though it will probably not meet with institutional sanction. Individual versus corporate approval will vary according to the open eyes as well as open minds of aware adults.

Publisher: McKay