CHIEF SEATTLE by Eva Greenslit Anderson


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Simplified, often gauche, style for a biography of Sealth, a Puget Sound Indian who -- early impressed by the white men, spent his life as a go-between between the two races, stood for peace and freedom. At 22 he became Chief of a confederacy of Indian tribes, which he founded; successive years brought bitterness and despondency when his young wife died; but the coming of the white men with the Hudson's Bay expedition gave him new impetus. He was converted to the Christian faith; he became the great friend of a Doctor Maynard; he planned and founded the city of Seattle; and when the Indians, incensed by the government's failure to pay for the lands taken from the Indians, rose up, Seattle, acting as intermediary, stifled the insurrection.

Pub Date: April 2nd, 1943
Publisher: Caxton