REINHOLD NIEBUHR: A Prophetic Voice In Our Time by

REINHOLD NIEBUHR: A Prophetic Voice In Our Time

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The whole academic world does honor to the thinking and writing of Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr because of his great contribution to the theological, political and social thinking of our day. Recently a ""Colloquium"" was held in his honor at the Episcopal Cathedral in New York, at which papers both appreciative and critical of his thoughts were read by three of Dr. Niebuhr's friends and colleagues. Paul Tillich spoke on ""Sin and Grace in the Theology of Niebuhr"", John C. Bennett on ""Biblical Faith and Social Ethics in the Life and Thought of Niebuhr"", and Hans J. Morgenthau, Jr. on ""The Influence of Niebuhr in American Political Life and Thought"". There follows a section of questions and answers after each paper, giving further elucidation of the thought of the speakers (and Niebuhr) by other scholars present. Even the most critical are one in the warmth of admiration for their renowned ""Reinie"", and although he could not be present at the time, Dr. Niebuhr has added a few brief pages of his own, not to justify his position where it was questioned so much as to thank his friends for ""The care and graciousness with which they examined my thought"". Every friend and student of Reinhold Niebuhr will want this book, not so much for what it adds by way of light but because of the grace note it so warmly adds to the monumental life work of one of the great thinkers of our time.

Pub Date: Nov. 8th, 1962
Publisher: Seabury Press