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A turn-of-the-century romantic pancake sodden in syrupy proselets. Lisbet Sherbourne, ""rage vibrating in her slender frame,"" is in a shit because her widowed father, rich and adoring, wants his only daughter to marry soon and well. Meanwhile, Jonathan Ransome, whose tall figure has ""the restless, powerful look of a tiger in a cage,"" is also being pressured by kin to wed--and explains to Lisbet's father that he's home for the summer after visiting the family mining interests in Colorado. But Lisbet refuses to meet this suitor. Instead, she and reluctant maid Fannie take off for Nantucket island, where Lisbet intends to become a maid herself (at the Neptune Hotel), hide from Papa, and avoid being trotted out for rich men. So, before long, beautiful Lisbet is scouring and waxing and ducking amorous male guests. And who arrives (tipped off by Papa) to keep an eye on the runaway? Jonathan, of course. But he's in some sort of disguise, it seems. Could there be, then, an aristocrat lurking beneath the facade of kind stableman Joseph--who enchants Lisbet with his working-man ways, his bushy black beard, dark spectacles, and cap? Well, after Lisbet is proposed to by a con-man (who's done a bit of research on the mysterious ""maid""), Jonathan-Joe comes to rescue--with a bit of gunfire before the unmasking. Like Love's Sweet Charity: dull, ill-written--and Lisbet's a simp.

Pub Date: Aug. 5th, 1983
Publisher: Doubleday