FATHER STRUCK IT RICH by Evalyn Walsh Holman
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A fast moving, amusingly colloquial story of a ""a poor little rich girl"" most of whose life problems came as the result of too much money. Reminiscences of childhood days in wining camps of Colorado; a haphazard education, in hot water and out; a spectacular and sensational trail of extravagance and madness; an honest confession of the ill results in unbridled will, harnessed only by a natural kindliness and depth of affection. The story is crammed with society page gossip, bits of scandal and near scandal, ""true stories"" behind legends, names to conjure with in the decades past. The market is that of Alice Longworth's autobiography. Only parts of it appeared in the Saturday Evening Post serialization.

Pub Date: March 9th, 1936
Publisher: Little, Brown