THE FATHER: Letters to Sons and Daughters by Evan- Ed. Jones

THE FATHER: Letters to Sons and Daughters

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The letter- ""the most personal form in which words may be used with lasting effect"" is also here an instrument of expression for more than parental precepts- for love and an abiding concern, and as such provides varying instructions and insights. This selection has been loosely grouped- in sections dealing with the roots of living (respect, virtue, duty, etc.), the family circle (marriage, death and birth), the widening world to be entered, important occasions, etc. The individual letters have notes by the editor to place the circumstances under which they were written and the results of their receipt. Martin Luther, Jefferson, Coleridge, William James, Gandhi, Fitzgerald Cromwell, Tolstoy, Mark Twain, and of course Lord Chesterton are just a few of the many fond parents who provide anything from small points of firm decorum to wise guidance on universal situations. It is a charming, warming collection.

ISBN: 1166131920
Publisher: Rinehart