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Evan Jones grew up along the banks of the Minnesota. Coming from the immigrant stock which first settled the rich mid-west, farmland, he is steeped in that region's song and story. His book, of course, is a sentimental journey down through the Minnesota's past, but the sympathy is well spent. The propose is as supple and strong as the river itself and the Jones eye scans the epoch-making nineteenth century scene with colorful insight and loving care. And the traffic this river carried is diverse, from an Italian to the Negro Dred Scott, from fur traders and Yanakee pioneers to family feuds and surprise elopements. Outlawn Cole Younger and Jesse James made ""visits"" to its mouth; near it poet Threau courted the and artist Catlin sketched; explorers Fremont and Pike journeyed by it and Frenchmen Perrot and LeSeuur set a Louis XIV claim on it. The river ranged from the to the age of the ""the fashionable tour"", a saw the bloody ""war on the hen's egg"" upraising and possibly hosted the legendary Vikings on their way to Canada. illustrated, filled with lots of anecdotal Americans, the ""forgotten stream"" rising in Big Stone lake should revive more than regional interest in this latest and lively addition to the splendid of America series.

Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston