ONCE IN A WOOD: Ten Tales from Aesop by Eve--Adapt & Illus. Rice
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ONCE IN A WOOD: Ten Tales from Aesop

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With their pithy simplicity, short words, and chewable substance, Aesop's fables are perfect fare for easy readers. Eve Rice tells these ten directly, with style and assurance, phrasing the concluding morals in rhyme that has a natural-sounding ring as well as a proper finality. Her illustrations (in black line and black dots) are unlike any of her previous work--recalling Wanda Gag in the decorative plant-and-animal vignettes that set off the handsomely designed pages, following the fables' woodcut tradition in their composed (but far from stiff) formality, yet retaining the expressiveness that gives her creatures human interest and gives the lessons life. Like Seeing Is Believing (below), a rich experience to see and to read, and one of the rare easy readers offering proof to beginners that books and reading can reward their efforts.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1979
Publisher: Greenwillow