IT DOESN'T ALWAYS HAVE TO RHYME by Eve; Illus. Eve Malcolm Spooner Merriam
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Proving the point of the title in numerous poems done in a variety of verse patterns, Miss Merriam's facile approach will tickle word fanciers of any age. Many of the verses are directed at the unwieldy spelling rules of the English language and others let the air out of grammatical rules already leaky with exceptions. In pointing up the faults and stumbling blocks, the verses nevertheless aid memory. They don't always rhyme, but they do have that ""inner chime that makes you want to tap your feet or swerve in a curve."" They also serve to show how a poem without rhyme can be arranged for emphasis, how precisely chosen simple words can be combined to achieve a special clarity, and how poetic license can lead to insights mixed with laughter. Those brave souls who attempt to teach the young something about poetry as well as composition will appreciate this book.

Pub Date: March 20th, 1964
Publisher: Atheneum