I AM A MAN: Ode to Martin Luther King, Jr. by Eve Merriam

I AM A MAN: Ode to Martin Luther King, Jr.

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If response to the man alive was universal, response to his death is personal. And this is personal: muted charcoal sketches and mood-conscious couplets -- a picture-book eulogy/elegy. The lines, suggestive variously of image and event, here and there fleetingly touch, elsewhere border on the mawkish, elsewhere on cliche. . . and the rhyme is anyhow too circumscribing when it's forced. Self-readers can Meet Martin Luther King, Jr. in James T. de Kay's meaningfully rounded, simple profile (1969), where he's a person first and only then a symbol. Older children who know him will bridle at both the format and the merchandised sentiment, however appreciative, however soberly purveyed.

Pub Date: March 26th, 1971
Publisher: Doubleday