THE RENDEZVOUS by Evelyn Anthony


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This perfervid tragi-romance brings together, some twenty years later, Terese Masson, an ex-courier in the Resistance at eighteen, and Alfred Brunnerman, the Gestapo officer who had interrogated her, sexually anesthetized her, and left her blanking out the whole experience. She had since married the U.S. officer who retrieved her from Buchenwald but had remained an ""emotional virgin."" But now she loses her head as well as her frigidity over Alfred, posing as a Swiss architect; her New York psychiatrist reports him to the Israeli Intelligence, and together they run away--he to keep his rendezvous (his ennobling word for their affair) with death.... Would you believe it? Why would you, but maybe seeing's believing and this is going to be filmed. A second feature?

Pub Date: Jan. 9th, 1967
Publisher: Coward-McCann