I, PRISCILLA by Evelyn Hammett


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This is the story of Priscilla, a twelve-year-old Puritan, and her arduous journey from Dorchester, Massachusetts, to Connecticut. Her father, less severe than many of the Puritans with whom he made covenant in England, leaves the Bay Colony with his family and other families of similar feelings, once more to start a new life in the wilderness. Their voyage during the fall and winter of 1635 was a great ordeal, owing to lack of supplies, freezing weather, and fear of marauding Indians, but of the original sixty, many persisted to establish the new community of Windsor. This story of twelve-year-old Priscilla is based on fact, and Evelyn Hammet does admirably in evoking the climate of early Colonial life by the discreet manipulation of plentiful detail.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1960
Publisher: Macmillan