THE BARTER LADY by Evelyn Harris


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Get the trade -- or a few outstanding rooters -- back of this book, and it might have the sort of sales history An American Idyll attained a good many years ago. It is a book one feels impelled to help put over. Read it yourself and see. A story of courage in the face of odds, of intelligence and energy and imagination. Timely -- for it deals with farm problems, not on a big scale, but a situation that is encountered in farming districts all through the east -- and that is humanized by the fact that this is a personal experience story. Widowed at fifty, saddled with three mortgaged farms, and faced with the problem of bringing up five children, Evelyn Harris put her shoulder to the wheel and fought her battle against present conditions in farm life, -- high costs, low and uncertain returns. The setting is Maryland -- the farms raised fruit, vegetables, poultry. Politics and graft in marketing circles -- Washington blind (or helpless) in essential problems. She won her name by trading her goods for everything from new soles for shoes to membership in a book club. And she kept the human touch and a sense of humor. Ideal book to suggest for women's clubs, reading circles, and so forth.

Pub Date: July 25th, 1934
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran