WE BOUGHT AN ISLAND by Evelyn M. Richardson


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A quarter century of island living is the very sturdy backbone for Mrs. Richardson's story and her balance sheet is heavily weighted with happiness and companionship against which hardship and monotony count little. Living in Worcester, Mass., became endurable when they bought Bon Portage, 3 miles long and 3 miles southwest of Nova Scotia, and awaited governmental approval as keepers of the light there and their move to their new home with their baby daughter and a second child on the way was a milestone to the kind of living they wanted. There was more than just keeping the light for the house was bedraggled. Inconvenient, full of flaws-but the years brought them knowledge and their increasing ingenuity resulted in changes and improvements. This is the record of those accomplishments, of the growing up of the three children, of learning to stand the strain of fog and storm, of raising their own food and bettering their equipment, of schooling the children. There are stories of wrecks, of hunting, of worried hours, of mutual reliance and close interdependence and the death of their son and the marriages of their two daughters close this family chronicle. No fictional paradise here but a loving, warm account of satisfying achievement.

Publisher: Macrae-Smith