THE ARTS OF KOREA by Evelyn McCune


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Not an art book in conventional terms, this uses the history of Korean art from neolithic times to the present day as a means of reflecting the culture, philosophy, and life-style of the Korean people. Recent archaeological excavations inspired new interest in Korean art and revealed the fallacy of regarding it as a dim copy of traditional Chinese art. In this scholarly introduction, Evelyn McCune attempts to relate the intangible factors of culture to their tangible expression, in stone, painting and poetry and to differentiate external and inherent influences. The absence of decorative materials in the land dictated the focus of Korean art. Decoration was secondary to contour and profile, and strength of expression replaced intricate and lavish design. Readers who tend to lump Oriental art together will be startled by the unique qualities and special emphases of Korean art as it developed from Early Korea through the Three Kingdoms and United Silla, and the Koryo and Yi Dynasties. With over 300 plates, 49 in rich color, Evelyn McCune has brought an obscure and intriguing culture to the attention of English reading audiences.

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1961
Publisher: Tuttle