FACTS OF LIFE AND LOVE by Evelyn Millis Duvall
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As the title would indicate, this is a realistic, down-to-earth approach to the ticklish subject of s-x, in teen-age relations. Colored by the realization that emotional equilibrium during the difficult ""growing-up"" process is often a complicated and depressing business, the text covers a great many aspects of boy and girl relationships. Frankly accepting the fact that insufficient sex information and the ""hush-hush"" treatment drive young people to emotional extremes and harmful practices, this reviews, simply and clearly, the physiological sexual growth of boys and girls -- the story of birth; it discusses objectively some of the sexual aberrations usually whispered and snickered about behind closed doors -- homosexuality, prostitution, venereal disease -- pointing out in each case the abnormal and destructive aspects. A sharp distinction is made between abnormal homosexuality and normal, sincere admiration or even a ""crush"" affection for one of the same sex. There is good advice about dating, petting, falling in love, engagements, and preparing for marriage -- in fact relations with the opposite sex from all angles. Always the emphasis is on intelligence, understanding, and emotional and spiritual growth. Illustrated with photographs, sketches and gay cartoons. It would be wise to look this over before prescribing, since this report cannot cover the myriad subjects discussed, but this is an excellent treatment on a subject now discussed in schoolroom lectures and round tables as an essential element in mental and moral health.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1950
Publisher: Association Press