SHADOW OF THE HAWK by Evelyn Scott


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Sorry, but I can't go along with those who are enthusiasts for Evelyn Scott. If what the reader wants is an orgy of self laceration, of self-conscious flagellation, Evelyn Scott will satisfy the craving. As for me, I find it as tough and unpalatable reading as has come this way for many a moon. It is a story built up around an inventive employee of an automobile factory who has been convicted of murder, and given commutation of sentence on his wife's plea and his son's inadequate libi. The boy is realistically done -- his adjustment to the continual baiting, to an abnormal life, is convincing, the mother is incredible. Incidents are stripped down to the last detail -- the story limps along. And yet -- there are Evelyn Scott fans. Even they will think this not up to her measure.

Publisher: Scribner