BOUND GIRL by Everett & Olga Webber


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The authors of Rampart Street (1948) with again perhaps not quite as tight a story but a fairly consistent display of action set in Kansas in the post-civil war years when Quantrill and his raiders, Jesse James and the Coles, continued their guerrilla raids. This tells of Rebecca Whitman, left behind as bound girl to the Bowans when her parents are burnt out for the third time,-Luther Bowan- believed to be a friend to the Yankee Whitmans but in practice a slaver. Avoiding the attentions of Bowan, Rebecca falls in love with Charley Saxon, only to learn that he is married, a gambler and a waster. To find protection, Rebecca marries Jude Prentiss, whose wife had deserted him for Saxon and who offers Rebecca a home but makes no demands upon her. As the days of bloodshed and terrorization continue, Jude and Rebecca realize their love for each other- and with the disposition of Saxon and Jude's unfaithful wife- find peace together... Synthetic but saleable, or at any rate rentable.

Pub Date: Aug. 5th, 1949
ISBN: 0548058733
Publisher: Dutton