RAMPART STREET by Everett & Olga Webber


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New Orleans in the 18th century, and those days of high living and easy loving in a story which takes in many elements, piracy and smuggling, gambling men and sporting ladies in a society which permitted- but stigmatized- the white man's prerogative to his Creole girl on Rampart Street. In particular this tells of Captain John Carrick and the three women who loved him; Elizabeth d'Ivre, who ran away from gambler Galvez to marry Carrick, was shot by him in revenge; Simone, a Madam of considerable power who tried to get her hold on Carrick through the notes she held on his ship- but failed; and Rafaelle, whose bloodlines branded her as an octoroon, who loved Carrick from the time he saved her on the auctioneer's block, whose marriage to him- after Elizabeth's death- was never legalized...

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1948
ISBN: 141799858X
Publisher: Dutton