LIVING A HAPPY LIFE by F. Alexander Magoun


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Professor Magoun has taught human relations for many years (and written extensively) and this new book is on a level superior to that of most self-help books. If some of his psychoanalytical findings seem sketchy (Jung attributes personal unhappiness to introversion?), his moral and spiritual guidance is sound- and at all times clear. So is his definition of happiness- as ""the emotional wholeness and well being of the personality, produced by activities and relationships which lead to a self-fulfillment appropriate to the age and aptitudes of the individual involved"". To attain it, Dr. Magoun discusses the importance of maintaining self-respect, of being a lovable person, of finding congenial work, of having a firm religious belief as well as faith in the future. He uses examples from his own experience and those of well-known people to amplify and animate the points made.

Publisher: Harper