THE ROAD TO GLORY by F. Britten Austin
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A very important book -- a ""must book"" for every Napoleon fan, and their name is legion. Spirited imaginative historical fiction, carrying the indisputable air of accuracy. The story of a young commander, a ragged, disorganized army, an illconsidered campaign into northern Italy -- and of how Napoleon welds his forces into a powerful wedge, loyal to the last man, willing to put up with hunger and rages and discomfort. Very vital. Very personal. Very vivid. The story of the Battle of Lodi, in which the French take the bridge from the Austrians -- and of the joyful reception in Milan. Includes many unfamiliar letters to Josephine, indicating his unswerving devotion, her frivolity and neglect and indifference to his ambition and hopes. Grand job.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1935
Publisher: Stokes