THE RED FLAG by F. Britten Austin


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Ten tales of revolution which comprise a veritable chamber of horrors, with the purpose and historical importance of each revolution clearly defined. The style is concise and clear. The subject matter is dealt with from the human point of view. (1) Ancient Egypt, and Horus leading the revolt of his peasants; (2) Spartacus freeing the gladiators of Rome; (3) First experiment in large-scale Socialism in China in 1086 A.D.; (4) Peasant revolt in France, 1358; (5) English revolutionists execute their king in 1648; (6) 1788 in Paris; (7) 1848, France and Germany in revolt; (8) 1860, Italy's revolution under Garibaldi; (9) Russia, 1917; (10) The revolution of the Kuomintang army. The underlying theme is the repetition of history in that the people who sanction and lead revolt help unchain the violence of hatred they deplore. Treatment prevents it from becoming dull and pamphleteering in spirit, Sell to student of history -- to pacifists -- to those interested in socialism.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 1934
Publisher: Lippincott