EVELYN AND THE FISH by F. H. Chrestien
Kirkus Star


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Here's a Must for all children who like the Babar books. It is about the size of the small Babar's -- and the illustrations by the author in full color and black and white and are enchanting. The heroine is an elephant, who, in trying to catch tadpoles in a glass bowl, slips on a banana peel, and emerges with a beautiful fish. They set out to see the world together, stopping for butterscotch sundaes which Evelyn loves, working their way across the sea in a boat, visiting a country where there were lots of bananas, and where the color of the shirts and boys' faces was reversed, being rescued from a desert by a pilot who supplied Evelyn with a spare set of wings and roller skates and tied her to his plane, and finally reaching India, where Evelyn demanded to be let down in a parachute. But the fish wanted to go on to China, so Evelyn sucked her into her trunk and b-l-e-w so hard that seven days later she splashed into the Kengtze River. Attractively designed (Hyperion Press) -- cloth binding.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce