THE REVOLT OF HENRY by F. Hugh Herbert


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Not important, but a pleasant tale of a 46-year old's kicking over the traces. Henry has long commuted to and from Larchmont, he is the able personnel manager of a big department store, but at home he is starved of kindness, affection and gaiety by his wife and daughter. He takes a fling at forbidden pastures, and ultimately things come to a head through Sheila, the sympathetic new maid. He leaves home -- gets his wife to divorce him --marries Sheila and is happy. Henry is a likable guy, with his love of children, his foolishness, his interest in people, and his wife is made such a beast that the revolt seems justified. Good rentals for those who like family-marriage-divorce problems. Not topnotch but good entertainment.

Pub Date: Aug. 25th, 1939
Publisher: Putnam