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THE TOMB by F. Paul Wilson



Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1984
ISBN: 0765327406
Publisher: Whispers (70 Highland Ave., Binghamton, NY 13905)

From the author of The Keep: sprightly, well-handled occult thrills--if nothing particularly fresh or scary. During the Indian mutiny of 1857, soldier Sir Albert Westphalen robbed and destroyed a Bengali temple in order to restore the squandered family fortune. So today, the N.Y.-based Westphalen heirs--aunts Grace and Nellie, and lovable seven-year-old Vicky--are unknowingly being stalked by the despoiled temple's hereditary, long-lost guardian Kusum: a Hindu ascetic/ fanatic, in the guise of a UN diplomat, obsessed with cleansing his polluted karma. (His servants are the rakoshi, fearsome demons created by the Old Gods, now hidden aboard his ship docked at a Manhattan pier.) Kusum has already disposed of Vicky's father Richard Westphalen. Now Aunt Grace mysteriously disappears. So Vicky's mother Gia, feeling the need for some high-powered help, calls in her ex-boyfriend Repairman Jack--a freelance, off-the-books paladin who rights wrongs and fixes evil-doers for a stiff fee. And the action that follows is reasonably tense, fairly persuasive, and fluently related--with dollops of sex, hardworking characters, and enough momentum to keep readers hanging in for the bloody (if not especially surprising) conclusion. Simpleminded but serviceable demon-fighting, likely to please fans of Frank De Felitta.