THE TROUBLED GIANT: Britain Among the Great Powers by F. S. Northedge

THE TROUBLED GIANT: Britain Among the Great Powers

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Mr. Northedge, a reader in international relations at London University, fills the gap in the scholarship of the above period with a massive, carefully documented history of British foreign policy from World War I to World War II. One sees the dreamy world of British statesmanship in which millions of young men were thrown away for the sake of a world view no longer tenable among the harsh realities of continental dictatorships. Years, pass, treaty after treaty gains assent, but the British always retain their right to hold back on their commitments to a continuing European peace. Thus (according to the argument here) Hitler managed to bluff her and made his aggrandizing moves east and west. That England was able to remain free of real obligations was the false vision of Establishment England of this period; so was the corollary that the Nazis and Communists were basically jolly good fellows looking for a sound business deal. Mr. Northedge's text is important as a touchstone for further exploration of the period, the one area in which Mr. Northedge's, and its political book implications are, of course, immense. A professional readership is assumed, since a popular one seems unlikely.

Publisher: Praeger