STARS ON THE SEA by F. van Wyck Mason
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The best sellerdom of Three Harbors will provide a readymade market for this succeeding panel of the American Revolution, a long but exciting tale with romance and adventure sustained at high pitch. The central characters are Tim Bennett, A Rhode Island Quaker, and his sister Desire, whose fortunes follow those of the war. Tim, a deserter in fact, though not in feeling, sees the family fortune ruined by British raids, loses his girl, becomes a clerk on the first American Naval expedition to the Bahamas and finally resumes trading, playing cat and mouse with the British but winding up with a valuable reward and the girl. Desire's story involves shoddier activities, and eventual death at the hand of the Indians. Historical detail is smoothly worked in, the war in Boston, short enlistments of the Continental troops, insubordination to authority, the dire effects of the British blockade, the rise of privateering and the birth of the American navy. A fullbodied story, which should hit the mark of the first.

Pub Date: May 29th, 1940
Publisher: Lippincott